Icelandic Horses at Hestar Ranch

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Icelandic Horse Ranch in the south west of Colorado

     Sales & Training for Icelandic Horses, 
Riding Lessons on the Trails and Ranch Vacation in our Bed & Breakfast.
We have a great Passion and lots of Love for the Icelandic horse, 
come here and be part of it!

   The Icelandic Horse is bread to be a fine, wonderful, charming and sensible riding horse that is gaited.
The breed is popular in many parts of the world and is respected for its qualities in many ways and its special spirit. The horses love to be with people, become true friends and are ridden by people of all ages. They come in almost all colours and are most common between 13 and 14 hands.

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The Icelandic Horse is very unique, especially because of their gentle temperament and the incredible talent in their gaits. They are bread to be four or five gaited horses. That means that they have genes, that give them the ability to go four or five different gaits. They walk, trott and gallop like any horse, and in addition to that, the Icelandic Horses can be trained in tölt. This is an even four-beat-gait that has a great speed range, but mostly like a trott, and is very smooth to ride. The five gaited horses can in addition to the tölt run in pace. This is a lateral two-beat-gait, and is used to ride in Iceland at very high speeds, then called flying pace or racing pace. In Iceland it was important to bread a riding horse, that can travel very sure footed, smooth and fast, over long distance, because there where not many roads for driving with wagons. Icelandic Horses are bread for their ability to gait since the late 800s AD. It was the horse of the Vikings.

Today they are used as a riding horse for the whole family, show horse and different types of competition, therapeutic horse, working horse for roundup livestock, trail horse to trek in the highlands and as a breeding horse. But most likely people love to have them, to go for a little ride almost every day, for one hour or two. 
This also is for me the very best way to be out in nature and feel being a life! 
Learn to love your horse, to run and play with your beloved ones, horses and doggies.......

Maybe you are interested in a Icelandic Horse. 
What I can do for you is, I can help you to make decisions in finding your own dreamhorse,
and then help you to learn about riding them in a nice way in all five gaits. 
If you like Icelandic Horses, you are welcome to visit at the Ranch.

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 14 beautiful Icelandic Horses live here, this is the Ranch House and the Main-Barn 
with our B&B above... 

Life is always good on Pasture and ...  south of the ranch ... it borders Carson National Forest


What I can offer for you! 
To be a Guest is nice here. There is wonderful landscaping at the ranch and a private access into Carson National Forest .
Book our B&B for a little vacation, the ranch has both sides of San Juan River... 
Navaho Lake is very close by and Ancient Ruins from Pueblos... etc.
and may get a massage after a day out in nature...

for my horses: boy's and girl's barns and paddocks give shelter for nights and bad weather  

Riding Lessons in riding arena and for better riders on the trails...

 Monika's passion is the breeding, training and riding of purebread Icelandic Horses 
and of curse I love to share my live with my guests...

I am Ivory and I take good care to my beloved ones ... chickens and kittens too! 
I'm from Switzerland and moved over here in 2005 with my horses for breeding. 
I do this web on my own, so please forgive me my mistakes with the english language.
My passion is riding and not writing...