Annual Report 2006

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The mares Elding, Fra and Blue give birth to Skrugga, Eylimi and Hela

EYLIMI from Hestar Ranch
born 06.06.2006
(a King, ein König)

  Dam: Fra vom Schlossblick, CH
   Sire: Edall fra Tungu, IS 
S.S.: Prudur fra Nedra-Asi ll, IS

FEIF ID: US2006103335

1 week

4  weeks

HELA from Hestar Ranch
     born July,1.2006
(White, Frost, Reif, Schimmel)

Dam: Blama from Schmalztopf, US Sire:Hervar from Schmalztopf,US
S.S: Fengur fra Fuglsang I, DK

FEIF ID: US2006203716

1. & 2. day

4 weeks

SKRUGGA from Hestar Ranch
   born July,5.2006
(Thunder, fast, Donner, schnell)

 Dam: Elding vom Dissenhof, DE
Sire:Sma'ri from Schmalztopf, US
S.S: Odinn fra Sotofte, DK

FEIF ID: US2006203722

2. day

little Pacer Racer - like her mama