Annual Report 2007

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3 Fillies in 2007

  Blama (Blue) gives birth to Hara 

    Fra gives birth to Hind

  Elding gives birth to Hekla


Their daddy is Hördur vom Schlossblick, CH2004102206 

HARA (Grey Hair, die Grauhaarige) fillie of Blama, born June 10. 2007 

HIND (Deer, Reh) fillie of Fra, born June 11. 2007

HEKLA (Volcano, Vulkan in Island, Kaputze) fillie of Elding, born June 18. 2007 
little Hekla

Skrugga and Hind

Hara and Hind

Daddy is watching new born babies

one year later...they are young Ladies... very pretty girls...