Annual Report 2008

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3 Baby-Boys born in 2008  

July 13.2008
Blue gives birth to
Haukur (Hawk,Falkon,Falke)

Early Sunday morning, there she is standing in the paddock, 
pretty Blue with her colt, all proud!

Haukur's first day is in the paddock

getting to know his friends

his daddy is Hördur

and his mammy is Blama (Blue) 

2. day: he is with his sisters, Elding and Hördur, running free between pasture and house .

you are very welcome!

I do think
 that you will love your new
friends and have lots of good
experiences in your young life. 

You are a wonderful Baby Boy!
You are going to be a Big Tall Boy!

7. day: Haukur is on pasture with mom and all the other horses

Aug.6.2008   Elding gives birth to Hunar ( Little Bear, Kleiner Bär)
in the evening, after sunset.
 I could be with them and help dry the little colt.
What a beautiful experience, I stay with them, until Hunar had a few drinks
and I know for sure that the two are fine.

The next morning, all the ponies come to see them. Elding is a bit nervous about someone coming 
too close, this is why they are in the paddock in order to have the privacy they need.

Elding is a gooood mama

he sais, I'll have a little nap

Elding want's to go on pasture,
she stands at the gate...

...ok, Monika is coming with us, because of all
 the other horses, they may be too curious !

The next day

Hunar is getting strong ... they can be with the herd now

Aug.21.2008   Hela is giving birth to Hreindyr ( Reindeer,Rentier)
I don't know the exact time, she had her baby early morning
 and he was just getting dry before breakfast, at seven.

This baby boy is a present from Eylimy, he had jumped the fence while I was in Durago,
and must have had a very happy hour with Hela .

I did not expect Hela to have a baby so soon, but now she is the best mother there is.
She has Hreindyr always close by, and she does an excellent job with taking care!
And besides.... I love her baby-boy.....he is sooo adorable....

and he has all of my admiration, then he is the fastest colt I did ever see,
he can runn like hell...!

Thank you Hela, you gave birth to a very special young boy!