Annual Report 2010

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The mares Blue and Elding give birth to Elja and Eldfra

(Energie, Force, Kraft) &  Eldfra (Feurige Frau, Fire Women)

two very friendly and wonderful young girls are joining our herd in 2010!

Eylimi is their Daddy, Blue & Elding are their Mami's
Elja born March 17. 2010, and one month later Eldfra was born in April 12. 2010.

James is carying Elja into the barn,
after she was born outside into the mud. 
We rubbed her dry and made 
 loving friends with her...

...and in the afternoon, she was already
fit, jumpy and just wonderful. Ivory and
other horses come to see the new baby-girl.
She has good self confidence already! 

Eldfra was born in the morning as well,
but earlier, before I was up. She was already
getting dry when we met each other.

She was a bit more shy, and I did spend
 lots of time with her to become a closer 
friendship. She has a very sweet personality...

2. day getting stronger Ivory wants to meet...

...and the two girls love each other...

 August, they are very pretty young girls in their fine summer caot