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People ask me if I would sale some of my Icelandic Horses     

Yes, probably I will sale a few, but only to proper equine homes...
The main thing for me is: I have to feel that the horse(s) is really happy with the new owner and will be loved a lot
and taken very well care of. My horses are my best friends and family members, and they will only go to homes that I feel are well worthy for them, and to people that care and play with them in order to keep them in shape.
Also I would be very happy if at least two horses could go together to a new place. 
Horses are such family-oriented animals, that it would be very hard on one horse to leave this herd all by it self...
So, I will smile & close one eye, offer a package-herd-price for the buyer that purchases more then one horse and
promisses to keep them forever or give em back in case of anything happening that will make him not being able to take care and keep the horse(s).

Each horse is very special in it's own way and absolutely perfect, if it will be used to do the things it naturally has the skills to do. Not every horse though is for anybody and any purpose. I will try to match the horse with the rider. It is depending on the riders interrests, riding skills and willingness to learn about the Icelandic Horse and how to ride the horse in a tension-free way, mentally and phisically. For those who get hooked with their horse and with riding the gaits, it will be a livetime challenge to learn to understand and love your horse, and to ride the 4 beat gait more playful. It is also important that the horse has the skills to learn what the rider likes to do with him/her. It also can be about doing and learning other things together like driving, hiking etc... and not only about riding and gaiting. But it all has a lot to do with the horses spirit, conformation and temperament, and the riders ability to adjust and grow together with the new horses. And then, it is the new owners responsibility to keep his horses in shape, keep them happy and healthy, and not destroy the horses naturally eagerness and willingness to please, play and run.
The new place shall offer a life time place, and the horse will have to be in a herd as well.
This because a horse is a familiy member and a herd animal, especially Icelandics, and not a peoples back yard toy for just certain period of time. No person is able to replace a herd, and the very smallest not-all-that-much-fun-herd, is a herd of two horses.  
There should be a paddock with barn, a pasture and big trees for shade. 
The pasture does not need a lot of grass (it is good for them to add grass hay in their diat), but a lot of space for running and playing, especially boys like to run and fool with each other. Horses should not be looked up, they should have the opportunity to run free most of the time. A paddock with a clean and dry barn for shelter and shade, where they can go in anytime, and heated wather in the winter. Especially here in Colorado's mountains this is important because of cold, snowy, stormy & windy winter nights, and very hot days in the summer, where insects will bother them. Ponies easily get too fat, if they spent much time on pasture, and are then better part time in a big paddock or on small pickens, otherwise they are at risk for founder. 
I have my Icelandics every night in their paddocks and/or around the house, because they eat too much if they are out day and night, and I can hear them in case that there is something that is no good.

Horses at Hestar Ranch
In my breedings I am looking at the bloodlines and chose mainly from Kolkuosi. 
I try to match conformation temperament and spirit as I think it will be the very best. 
My main goal is to breed good trail horses with lots of spirit and natural gait for intermediate to good riders.
 I look for off-springs with all five gaits, and therefore bread my mares to 5-gaited and/or naturally tolting
Stallions, going not far back to very famous and well known horses in or from Iceland. 

Sold   Hördur vom Schlossblick  Feif ID: CH2004102206 / US:2004103048
Stallion in 2007 and 2008 
Sire: Hrafn-Krabbi von Sporz  CH1980101493
SS: Stigandi von Kolkuosi
SSS: Hördur von Kolkuosi & back to Hrafn von Holum
Dame: Hylling vom Schauenberg  CH1989201725
DS: Hrafn von Kroggolfsstodum
DSS: Hördur von Kolkuosi & Stigandi von Kolkuosi

Hördur is the father of Hara, Hekla and Hind in 2007
 and of Haukur and Hunar in 2008.
He is five gaited, a good looking horse, and has lots of natural tolt and pace. In riding, he is easy to get along with.
He is very smooth under the saddle in all gaits even in trott, and all of his 5 gears are easy to find.
He has a lot of selfconfidence, so he is most likely not scared if new things come along on the trail. 
He takes very good care to his rider, is easy on his bit, and he always is a Gentlemen to me, even riding him
bareback to keep warm in the winter, when it is actually too cold for a ride. He is ready for sale now, he even
doesn't mind to carry a kid while riding with other horses, but also is fun for a better rider. I call him a save horse
for someone that not wants to get hurt on or from a horse anymore. He appreciates a lot when he gets a goodie once
in a while, ups he is a bit spoild...but a really, really good guy!  He was gelded in 2010, is under the saddle since
2008 and I always still love to go for a ride with him, especially in the evenings, and when I am tired from riding
the young horses. He also has been ridden from my guests, and everyone that was on him sais he is wonderful to be
with. He is with Melissa and David at their beautiful Ranch now. He is the boss of this own herd now with Haukur,
Hind, Elja and the mule Tutsi...


  Eylimi from Hestar Ranch  Feif ID: US 2006103335
Stallion in 2008 and 2009:

Sire: Edall fra Tungu  IS1995166030 / US1995103167
SS: Prudur fra Nedra-Asi  IS1984157014
SSS: Hervar fra Saudarkroki
Prudur is a great 5 gaited stallion with incredible racing pace, he was several times a Champion,
first twice A-Flokkur in Iceland , then World Championship in Switzerland and then in the USA
Dame: Fra von Schlossblick  CH2000202098 / US2000203046
DS: Geimur fra Votmula 1
and back to Hrafn von Holtsmula & Hördur von Kolkuosi
His mother Fra died way too early. She was a wonderful 5-gaited "von Sportz" mare, with well separated 5 gaits,
 beautiful conformation, easy to ride and very fluent and nice in movement. 

Eylimi is the father of Hreindyr in 2009 and of Eldfra and Elja in 2010
He is five gaited with five well separated gaits and he has lots of elegance and wonderful fluid movements.
He is a smart and talented horse, I wish that he has the opertunity to show this later in his life.
He got gelded as well and is happy now to go on pasture every day with all the other horses.
 He is very much a gentlemen and also very protective, still plays the rule of a studhorse and takes good care 
to the mares and the younger boys while they are out on pasture. He keeps them all together, especially 
if there is a dangerous situation, or when mares hang out next to the property fence while being in heat. So he is doing a important job over here besides me riding him, especially since there are wild horses north and south of us. 

My Passion for my Icelandic horses, the wonderful Love in my life... 
everything started with these two horses.
Elding my Pace-Racer and Fifill my Easy-Tölter!
Elding vom Dissenhof DE1992209814
  She is a typical Pace Racer Lady, well
5-gaited, size: 140 cm breeding mare, with
5 well separated gaits and nice leg action. She has tolt in a good speed range and great flying pace, her bloodlines are out of mainly Kolkuosi horses, Hrafn v Holtsmula and Vördur v Kyrholti mixt with Sörli v Saudarkroki. She got several prices back home for Flying Pace Racing (incl. Swiss National Championship) and 5-Gait Competition in Switzerland. There she is well known for her qualities in willingness and speed. She had 7 offsprings and is not for sale.
FEIF Assessment Certificate: Spirit 8, General Impression 8
Tölt 7.5, Slow Tölt 8, Pace 8, Gallop 8, Canter 7.5, Trot 7, Walk 8.5
Fifill fra Holmahjaleigu IS1996184403
He has size and look of a horse, he is 151 cm.
He is the biggest one we could find in Iceland, and he once was ment to be for my ex-men...
He is 5-gaited, has lots of natural tölt with nice speed, and his pace is not all that fast. His trot is smoth too and tolt is his best gait. He is well trained for trail rides, including neck raining. He is very good at pony younger horses, and he likes to do that. He is a easy to ride horse and is good for any guest that is a bit heavy for a pony and likes to try a gaited horse for a little ride. He also is a good teacher for riding lessons and therefore I like him a lot too. 

Pretty Lady Blue and Eclipse the Boss

Blama from Schmalztopf US1996203342
is a Kolkuosi Bloodline breeding mare 
as well, Hrafn fra Kroggolfsstodum, Hördur 
fra Kolkuosi, Hrafn fra Holtsmula. She is a very elegant, good size 141 cm, 4-gaited mare with big and powerful movements. She is 22 years old now, had 5 off-springs and is still a very beautiful Lady, especially in movement. She is all in white now. She is easy to ride, but has not been riden much in her life, she always had a baby on her side since I have her. Blue is probably not for sale, she is the best girl friend of Elding, but her remaining off springs are available, Hela & Hara are both ready to go. 
Manar Mirkui from Rhythmhill US1992100479
Called Eclipse, he is a older 5-gaited gelding, with lots of natural tölt, good trot, flying pace  in med. speed, nice canter & good gallop. All 5 gaits are well separated and easy to find. He is well trained including neck raining, and he likes to pony young horses. He also likes to splash in the river or ponds. He lets any student ride him, he is a very good teacher to teach students how to gait, because he goes in trot if his rider does not do it right. Eclipse still is the Boss of the whole herd, even though he lets Eylimi have the mares, such a smart boy! He is still very pretty and in good shape for his older age.

Fagri and Gjafar, the two sons of Hrafn from Wiesenhof out of California

Fagri Blakkur from Schmalztopf US2003103325  His name means Beautiful Black Boy, and this is really what he is. He also is a very sensitive and  talented 4-gaited gelding. He has a great speed range and he likes to please, but he also can get afraid of new things. Fagri needs a very experienced rider, he is a great horse, but he needs a confident rider with a fine hand. He is absolutely perfect for ponying as a hand horse too. I have ponied him a lot before riding him, so he could learn to trust and get to know the trails before riding out. USIHC cancelled his registry, this because the owner of his grandma did not care for proper registry and died, and her kids can not find import papers.  Gjafar from Schmalztopf US1993103326 
 He is a older 4-gaited gelding with expressive gaits, but not much tölt. Actually, I think he probably is only 3 gaited. He has big big walk, very nice trot and good 3-beat-gallop. He taks big and long steps, and he is fast in all gaits. He is now 25 years old, but still a good trail horse, without tolt though, but he walks faster then most big horses, and he likes to lead. He is a wonderful care taker to the mares and younger horses, and he still likes to play with younger horses, more than any other gelding. He was a studhorse for many years, and he tells me as the first one, when a mare comes in heat. He likes all horses! ...and he likes kids too!

Hela and Hara... the two half sisters, daughters out of pretty Blue,
born here and for sale

Hela from Hestar Ranch  US2006203716
5-gaited mare, daughter of Blama and Hervar  from Schmalztopf in 2006. She had one boy Hreindyr. She is easy in temperament, with nice movment and well separated five gaits. Under the saddle she has good forward, extremely good walk, and her tölt and trott is easy to find. She has been on trails with me and she likes it to go riding out, even by herself. I also think that she will be just perfect for being a family horse, that kids can learn to love too. She has a very lovely and soft hearted personality. She has heaven 1. grade, and therefore could only go to a good home that likes to take care for that condition and does not ask for too much on the trails, or/and have her as a companion horse for a other Icelandic horse.  Go look at her in the ranch movie. She is the grey one, riding in the sage brushes and tolting on the trail with me... and rolling after the riding.
Hara from Hestar Ranch US2007203599
 5-gaited daughter of Blama and Hördur in 2007. She is very attractive and she shows all five gaits on pasture and under saddle. She has some natural tölt from Hördur and her tölt finally is easy to find. She is a tall, a very good size mare and also a very good locking Lady with nice conformation, that could be used for breeding. Under saddle she has great forward and does all five gaits. Trot is good too, pace is not very fast and not trained yet. She likes to go on the trails, she is enthusiastic and very good forward,  but her rider needs to be experienced and have a fine hand. I ride her mainly on trails and now this fall/winter, she is getting used to do more tolting. She actually is ready for sale to a intermediate or better rider only, someone that is not scared of a horse that has good forward and sometimes is still a bit scared of new objects on the trails. 

Skrugga and Hind...two very talented mares, born here 

Skrugga from Hestar Ranch US2006203722
She is a 5-gaited mare with lots and lots of spirit! ... daughter of Elding and Smari in 2006. She is showing all five gaits with good speed on pasture and under the saddle too. She did not have to learn to tölt and pace, she just does it in a nice speed range from the first day I went on the trails with her. She is very athletic and extremely powerfull. Skrugga has quite some potencial, also possible for quite some competition. She has good speed and is very enthusiastic, but also hard headed and tough in her will power. Her excellent talent in gaiting, her very good size, strong body and her pretty color, it all could be used for some breedings. She is not for sale, unless the price would be right, and only to a expert rider with other Icelandic horses.
Sold Hind from Hestar RanchUS2007203585
 wonderful 5-gaited daughter of Fra and Hördur in 2007, full "von Sporz" off-spring, both of her parents bread by Schlossblick in Switzerland. She is a sensitive and beautiful horse, especially in motion, with good and well separated 5 gaits and quite some speed in all gaits. She can be a better quality trail riding horse and also has some potencial for easy  competition. Hind is no beginner horse, she is a sensitive Lady and has a lot to offer for her rider. Her body has a nice conformation, and it also would be wonderful to see her being used for a breeding. She is started and does well in tölt training, and she already has been quite a few times on the trails on her own too. She is with Melissa & David, and Hördur, Haukur and Elja are with her as well!

Huni and Hekla...full brother and sister, born here

Hunar from Hestar Ranch US2008103907
I call him Huni, he is a 5-gaited off spring from Elding and Hördur in 2008. He shows all 5 gaits on pasture with lots of natural tölt and some pace. He has long legs and is good sized, a bit more than 14 hands by now. He will be a wonderful good quality trail and ranch horse with lots of easy tölt and a bit of flying pace, but actually not fast enough for being a good pacer, (pace not trained yet). He is very handsome and loves to hang out with me, but sure still loves to goof a lot, run and play in the herd. I did a bit of trail riding with him by now, but I need to get miles on him now and tolt training is on the list for him, he tolts on the sidepull now for short ways. He is not for sale at the time now, I like to keep him here until he is trained in all 5 gaits, and probably I will keep him and he will replace Eclipse with the trail-riding for guests. 
Hekla from Hestar Ranch US2007203586
 5-gaited daughter of Elding and Hördur 2007.
She is a little spiky Lady, and she shows always very energetic walk and offers lots of tölt. She has some flying pace, also when running in the herd. Hekla can be pretty fast in her reactions, enthusiastic and athletic. She is good forward under saddle and her tölt is very easy to find. Actually she offers it on her own. I wish for her to have a lighter female rider, because she is built very fine in her legs. I love her good motivation and nice temperament. She is great fun under saddle, and she learnd to stay in tölt within only 2 or 3 days. She is good in pace and she did her first little flying pace under saddle for the ranch movie. She always stops with "hooo" very dependable. I do trail riding with her since two years now, and she is ready for her new owner, that has at least one other Icy... 

Hreindyr and beloved youngsters, born here

Hreindyr from Hestar Ranch US2008103906
He is a 5-gaited son of Hela and Eylimi. 
Like his parents, his gaits are well separated
 and nice in movement. He was the fastest baby-boy I had ever seen. Now he is good in
 his energy, a bit less as his dad and a bit 
more then his mom. He is very stout and strong built, he can easy carry a men that is not tall. He still loves to play in the herd, especially with his dad. He is ready for more training now, he is doing fine with me riding out on the trails that belong to the ranch property. He will be a nice looking tölter and ranch horse. He does very well "stay with me", and he is getting more training under saddle on the trails this fall/winter. I ride him with a sidepull by now. He still needs more training under saddle on the trails and in tolt, then he can go to a new home that has at least one other Icelandic gelding as well, someone to play with is very important for him! 
Sold Haukur from Hestar Ranch US2008103908
5-gaited son of Blama with lots of natural tölt and pace from Hördur, but not all that fast flying pace. He is a very friendly horse, he was so easy to start under saddle, and also he loves to play a lot in the herd. He will be the tallest boy after Fifill, he already measures 14,5 hands at the age of 4. After being trained, he will be a good and strong trail and ranch horse with lots of gait. He still needs the herd for playing and goof with his boy friends. By now (the time of selling him) he was doing fine with me riding him on the trails, good to have a older horse with him and go ride together. He looooves to go for rides... and he already tolts a bit with only using a sidepull. He is sold at the age of 6 years, and he is happy now with Melissa & David at their beautiful ranch up in the mountains... 
and Elja is his pretty little girl-friend!

Elja and two youngest...

Sold Elja from Hestar Ranch US2010204271
She is a smart little young Lady, fillie of Blama and Eylimi born March 17. 2010. She is 5 gaited and a extremely people loving girl! She likes to do things with peple, she loves to hang out with me and follow me... She is started by the time of sale, and does great together with a other horse on the trails. She is doing fine with a hackamore and is already having a bit for only once in a while. She will be a wonderful family member, that is nice and loving with everybody including kids, and parents do not have to be scared. She was sold at age of 4 years, just started under saddle for 3 month, but very easy to ride and no problems have been with starting her at all... I can go on the ranch-trails with her alone! She is as well with Melissa and David, and Haukur is her lover-boy! He is his since I did unload her from the horse-trailer up there, he claimed her and she loves him, two happy horses!
Eldfra from Hestar Ranch US2010204270
She is a very pretty and talented 5-gaited fillie out of Elding and Eylimi, born April 4. 2010. She is good for my taste in temperament, size and conformation. She is a lot like her mother Elding and will stepp in her mothers place (will be my main-riding horse), if Elding is getting older now. She will be usefull in all 5 gaits and for breeding as well. Actually, she has very good potential in all five gaits, will also be an excellent trail horse that is very athletic and also very sensitive in handling, most likely only for pretty good riders. She is not for sale, she has had a hard time in her first two years. She was attaced twice while being out on pasture, once from a mountain lion, and then has had a broken nose from a bear. She is fine by now, but one can see her accidents. I will find out what consequences this has under saddle. She will stay here and replace her mother Elding.
Fra von Schlossblick CH2000202098
She was a wonderful very pretty and talented 5-gaited breeding-mare out of excellent 
"Von Sporz" Bloodlines in Switzerland,  
Hrafn v Holtsmula & Ofeigur v Flugumyri, Stigandi v Kolkuosi & Battur v Kirkjubae. 
She is the mother of Eylimi and Hind. Her tölt and pace was easy to ride, and she also had good trott and nice gallop. All of her five gaits have been well separated but also easy to find. Very nice riding horse with a sweet personality.
  She left us in winter 2008.
 You always will be in my mind, I love you Fraueli...and I still miss you.
 I will take good care to your babies, Eylimi and Hind.

I did breed my horses because I have a big love for Icelandics, and I hope for them, that they all 
have a very happy and healty life until they die. I wish that I do not ever!!!... hear or see of bad and/or sad circumstances from one horse that I did sell.

I will always take back any horse that I did sell, if the new owner is not happy with the horse, 
or is not able to keep it. I do not want that my horses go from one owner to the next...and the next!
I like to have each horse to be back home, if their trip into the world did not work out well.