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I am a Swiss trained Massage Therapist
div.Massage Technics including Energetic Massage and Shiatsu

Whether you’re someone who needs a relaxing massage, just like to be spoiled or maybe you are recovering from a injury... my massage will have the right touch for you.

My Massage at the Ranch is based on getting your muscles relaxed and your energy lines the meridians cleared for a better flow. This helps your body to get in a optimal situation for healing itself. My treatment techniques combine a mixture of Energy Work and Stretching, Reflex Zone Massage, Relaxation Styles and Deep Tissue Massage. This in order to make each massage unique and specific to your body, whether it is muscular or stress-related, or your energy is not spread well trough your body and needs a bit of help for a more even flow. 
Call for a appointment: 970 883-2531

I do specialize in:

bulletInjury Prevention and Rehabilitation
bulletRelaxation with Energy-work & Reflex-zone Massage
bulletDeep Tissue, Medical and Sports Massage

My Massage helps you:


To relax or recover from an injury.


Maintain healthy muscles while you enjoy your active lifestyle or wanting to build more energy for your other things in life.


Rejuvenate after a long workout with having tight muscles, being stressed out or simply to enhance your lifestyle with being spoiled.

In 2002, I did get the Diploma for beeing a Licensed Medical Masseuse Therapist in Switzerland.
This after a Diploma for Sumathu Therapies, witch included Diplomas in Classical Massage, Deep Tissue and Connective Tissue Massage, Hand & Foot Reflexology, Meridian and Energetic Massage TherapyShiatsu, Dorn and Breuss Spinal Therapy
Three years later, I graduated in Switzerland for the Diploma of Shiatsu with Animals, mainly for dogs and horses.
I am licenced and registred with the Red Cross since 2002,
and now I have a License and Insurance as Massage Therapist in Colorado. 

Shiatsu for People Horses and Dogs

About Shiatsu: it is a gentle, deeply effective, holistic system of health care.
It comes to us from Asia, out of a system of thought and practice has been
 developing for over 5000 years. It is  an empirically proven, deeply knowledgeable,
highly sensitive, and yet simple system. It is non-invasive and safe to administer.
It is used to restore health, and to maintain it. It is a way to "see".

With Massage and Shiatsu treatment, physical and many behavioral problems can
disappear along with tensions and pain. You most likely will discover, or recover a happy
and willing companion in your horse or dog, and a depth of gratitude in their eyes.

Because of having had badly back problems myself, I do practice Yoga since 25 years.
 Shiatsu, Meridian & Energetic Massage Therapy is almost like giving Yoga to someone else, 
it does clean the energy lines in the body, that means it helps for the enery flow in the meridians. 
If the energy flow is well, the body is on its way to get well too. 
This is one of the best possible natural help for healing.