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If you like to share my Passion and Love for the Ranch-life and the Horses  
book my little Bed & Breakfast
We have very good breakfast after your choice with our own eggs, bacon and fresh home baked bread,
 or Europen Style with Muesli 
have a look at many pictures and book at:

At the ranch you can hike and fish in the river, go for a hike by the lake, bike or bring your boat...
book horseback trail-riding lessons for intermediate to good riders, but please read about the weight limits on page for riding before you plan on that.
Bring  your camera for wildlife and nature pictures, go hiking, biking and exploring the Carson NF and the nearby Navajo State Park with the Navajo Reservoir, and enjoy the beauty of nature here.
Maybe bring your fishing root, your boat, canoe etc. for river rafting or boating in the close by Navajo Lake at the State Park.
Go site seeing to the ancient ruins at Chimney Rock or Mesa Verde, and enjoy the Hot Springs in Pagosa Springs. 
Book a ride with the old train from Durango to the old mining town Silverton and enjoy the little oldfashion 
tourist town for a day, or go river rafting in Pagosa or Durango.
Lots of Hiking Biking and Jeeping trails in the NF Weminuche area, mostly north of HWY 160, a 30+ minute drive... 
please note that the B&B is not available during the cold winter month Nov. trough end of Feb. 

or maybe you like
A Workshop Vacation

Experience and learn about a Passion for Horses & the Ranch-life
and be my Guest & Student-Helper for a week, or maybe longer

This not to compare with going to a Dude Ranch.
 Here it is about the experience of real ranch life. Learn about ranch-work in combination with a passion for the horses. Lern and experiance the love for handling and riding our horses with the care and knowledge that they deserve... 
The student needs to be able to talk fluently either German or English. 
 It is for people that are outdoor-, nature- and horse-enthusiasts, and that like to come here for a ranch- and horse experience and learn about the passion for horses. May also like to help and do some ranch work that needs to be done at the time. For the riders there is a weight limit, please read on page for Riding...

There is no high price like the Dude Ranches have, but in exchange... and of curse... the guests like to help and work a little every day at the ranch. They will learn a lot about Icelandic Horses and the way of living on a horse ranch, with everything that is needed to be done for the ranch, the people and and the horses. 
*This will be a life time experience that you will never forget!*

I take only 1 guest helper at the time
, or maybe two that come together on request. That means, it is a very private atmosphere here at Hestar Ranch with me and  my 14 Icelandic horses that I have now. You will help with the work at the ranch and experience and enjoy the way of living here in the south east corner of beautiful Colorado, surrounded by wonderful nature and a one hour drive away from civilization. The 112 acre ranch is located on the San Juan River, has 1/4 mile both sides of the biggest river in the four-corner area, and is a few miles above the Navajo Lake Reservoir, witch is a beautiful Colorado State Park. It is a nature lover's paradise and great for someone that likes to have the experience of the west and likes to learn about nature, horses and ranching.

What we will be doing during your stay here at Hestar Ranch...
* You will help me with daily chores and ranch work about 3-4 hours per day*.
  That also means that we cook 2x per day a healthy meal for us. We have a big breakfast, then at lunch we make a sandwich and in the evening we cook again a warm meal. We do the clean up work with barn and paddocks every morning first, taking the horse apples from the night, and then take care of horses, dog, chickens, garden and feed the humming-birds. We do irrigation work on pasture, fix and build fences, cutt and splitt wood for the wood-cooking and heating stove, and we put up hay for the winter. And sometimes there are other things to do as well, we do what so ever is needed for us or the animals or the pasture and premises, including taking care of our little Bed and Breakfast. Mainly we do the work in the mornings and then ride or have your fun time in the afternoon, unless it is too hot. Then we can change and ride horses in the early morning and/or evening, and you can go soak in the river during very hot hours.

* You will get the experience and learn about the Icelandic Horse and horses in general*.
This is for all levels, weather you are a beginner, intermediate or already a experienced rider!
I will do my best and we will do very individually what ever you like to learn about horses, as much as I know myself... You can chose from and learn about taking care of the horses, grooming, feeding, hoof care, ground work, basic riding skills, improving your riding skills in general, and for the advanced rider you can learn to ride the 4-beat gait tölt, and for very good riders you can learn about flying pace, or... if this is all boring for you... you can learn to start a horse under the saddle on your own, as long as I have green horses.

per Person for a Guest Helper:

1 week 5-6 days       
$   890.-
9-10 days                $ 1,450.-
2 weeks 13-14 days  $ 1,950.-
3 weeks 20-21 days  $ 2,950.-
4 weeks 26-28 days  $ 3,950.-

 This price includes *1 privat riding lesson per day* for those that like to ride and learn (see weight limits on horseback riding on page for Riding). For the riders (the ones that already are good riders) there will be most days more hours in the saddle if they like, but in this hour I will especially help you and teach you to improve your riding skills. For the ones that do not like to ride horses, they have time off in the afternoon and can go fly-fishing, hiking, biking or just hang out, while I/we ride the horses.
...and yes, I will pick you up at the Airport in Durango, if you don't have a rental car for your traveling adventures... it is a 80 min. drive one way,
US $ 190.- for two rides, for and back.
If you like to bring your own horse in order to learn more about riding your horse, and the gaits that your horse has...
it will be additional  $ 10.- per day for a barn-stall with paddock & hay, if you keep it clean yourself. ***********************************************************************************

Full Time Helper Vacation
mainly for Europen Icelandic Horse Riders
 I am a host for helpers that like to have a full Helper-Vacation 
see website: www.helpx.net 
Hestar Ranch is Host # 22522
but stay at the minimum for 2-3 weeks and apply trough this website above.
Sometimes I take a Help-x helper in spring and late summer or fall, but only if help is really needed.

If you are interested in staying at the Ranch for any kind of a vacation, please check dates with me and see what is available. Send me a e-mail with the subject "Ranch Vacation",
and please include a few pictures of yourself... Thank's!