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Private Riding Lessons 

Semi Private Riding Lessons on request

Hestar Ranch is having a weight limit for riding lessons, the rider shall not weigh more then 160 pounds. 
That includes what the rider is wearing, the cloth, shoes and helmet, water-bottle etc... 
And why this limit? 
Because my horses are ponies and they weigh only between 750-850 pounds.

1 hour-rides: the rider shall not be more then 160 pounds. A saddle and other tack will be a additional 20+ pounds, so the most I let them carry will be 180 pounds. This means that the horse has to carry up to 1/4 (25%) of its  own weight! ...witch is actually only ok for a short period of time, like a 1 hour-ride that includes lots of walk, and a rider that has a very good balance especially in uneven terrain. 
2 hour-rides and longer rides: the rider shall not be more then 130 pounds, with tack it will be a 150 pound load for a ca. 750+pound-horse.  The horses shall not carry more then 1/5 (20%) from their own weight.  

Especially for longer riding-time (2+ hour-rides) and/or greater distance or riding more tolt. 
And! ... if the horse is fat, that doesn't count, because the horse will have to carry even more weight! 

I hope this helps for your understanding and the question "why...?" 
It also is important to consider the rider's weight when buying a Icelandic horse.
I want my horses to be happy and healthy, also in their older days, because I truly love them.

50 min. lesson for beginners in riding arena   $ 50.- 
1 hour lesson for advanced riders on the trails on property   $ 50.- 
 2 hour trail riding lesson   $ 90.-
1/2 day trail rides with picknick in saddlebags
we load up (10 min. drive) and go ride along the Navaho Lake!   $150.-

private riding lesson in riding arena                  private 1 hour lesson on property

1 hour trail ride on property

semi private 2 hour trail lesson (two students)         1/2 day private trail lesson on Navaho Lake

I also can come to YOUR propery and go ride there with your horses or give a indoor/outdoor lesson.

or bring your own horse over here, and I will help you to improve riding the gaits and your riding skills...
 I can help you to start your horse with groundwork and under saddle... see my training videos to start horses.

Prices are subject to change


Horses sold

Melissa comes to the Ranch several times in order to ride and pick a few horses for their beautiful Ranch.
She decides for Hördur, Hind and Haukur, and then goes with Hördur to the Steinar Clinic...

Congratulation Melissa, those horses will love you, 
and they will have the most beautiful Ranch as their new home!

Falling in love with Haukur

   Melissa and Hind get to know about
 "stay with me" and how to do the groundwork that helps later with the riding...

   with Hördur at Steinar Clinik

me going 2-3 times to their Ranch for training/riding Hind and Haukur and start them on their trails...
 very beautiful Ranch!

Then later in fall, lucky little girl Elja, she will go there too!


Production of my little Ranch Movie
October and November 2014

Joanna Burns from England is here. She loves horses, likes to ride and also is into filming!
Therefore we have been working on a little movie for Hestar Ranch with the training of the younger horses here.
Thank you Joanna the ranch movie is just great and the taining movies will be too...
I enjoyed having you here and work with you... you are a wonderful women and I like you a lot!
Here below are Joanna's movies.

watch my Ranch Video
Two little videos: How I start my Icelandic horses
Training Part 1
Training Part 2