Saddle Collection

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All leather Saddles produced by Stübben in Switzerland
especially made for the Icelandic Horses

I can order a Stübben-Saddle for you.
You are wellcome to come with your horse to the Ranch here and try out the Stübben-Saddles 
that I have, in order to find out witch models fit your horse and you.
I know distance is a problem here. Therefore I can offer a guest-paddock for your horse and a little guestroom in the barn loft, my B&B, if you like to stay overnight or for a few days. I always have fresh bread and eggs from my chickies for breakfast. We can go ride together with the saddles you like best, in order to find out witch one is the one that you like to purchase for you and your horse.
This will be a livetime saddle, the quality is absolutely excellent!

About the Saddles

The mayor key partnership of Stübben and Benni Lindal has produced one the best quality Icelandic saddle
collection available in the world today. Icelandic master trainer Benni Lindal has for the past 
few decades devoted himself to the training and development of the Icelandic horse.
His work has concentrated on a horse friendly style of riding, building from the classical principles of suppleness
and dressage exercises that are recognised and supported by riders world wide. The specific Icelandic gaits are 
encouraged through the horse natural suppleness and eagerness to go forward.
So what makes these saddles so different for you the rider?
The combination of Stübben manufacturing and Benni Lindal expertise has produced a range of tailored saddles
made for the exact requirements of flat work for dressage and the specific gaits tolt and flying pace.
The saddle's shape and balanced seat places you the rider more easily above the centre of balance. The horses
 sensitive lumbar region is protected and catered for by the unique Stubben steel spring tree. And the tree's 
flexibility and strength gives both, you and your horse a chance for perfect harmony. A generous and comfortably
 designed seat also allows you complete freedom of movement when you require tolt or flying paces.

The Icelandic Saddles from Stübben are available in many different models. I can order every idem that is on Stübben's websites directly from Switzerland, also those that are not available in the Northamerican sortiment.
Stübben quality of manufacturing and materials are your guarantie for long life, durability and comfort.

All Round: half-deep seat  
$ 3'150.-   RS: $ 3'500.-

Elegant: flater seat $ 3'150.-  RS:  $ 3'500.-

Comfort I or II RS          
ripped seat  $ 3'500.-

These 3 models are here for trying out in 18/32 and 18/31

Icelandic All Round: built on a half deepseat and designed as a all purpose saddle. 
This very versatile model will suit equally the needs of the beginners
  or the seasoned competitor. The emphasis of this model is put on providing
support and a safe, secure seat. It has 4 D-rings and a crupper loop, great for going on trails.
The All Round can be ordered as well in RS (Ribbed Seat) version,
this is with a quilted seat like the Comfort is shown on picture above. Very good trailride saddle. 

Icelandic Elegant: flat seat version.  The elegant is the traditional competition model.  
The shallower seat provides for a bit biger range of movement. 
The sports saddle design allows for the seat position to be changed a bit,
without it affecting the horse's movement or its natural eagerness to go forward. 
It has 4 D-rings and a crupper loop, witch is great for trailriding as well, my favorite saddle...
The elegant is also available in a RS version with a quilted seat and in Elegant Junior, ribbed seat.
Icelandic Comfort l:
half deep seat. This model is built on a quilted seat and a long panel, has knee rolls, 
4 D-rings, a crupper loop, and is geared towards trail riding or for the rider spending many
 hours in the saddle. Both Comfort saddles do spread the riders weight over a greater area on 
the horses back. Not for little short horses though, but very good for taller 5-gaited horses 
with a straight back and a bit heavier riders that like to go for long distance rides.

Icelandic Comfort ll: flat seat. This model is built like the Comfort l,  but with a shallower seat, 
which provides more freedom of movement for the rider. 
I think this is a very comfortable saddle especially for longer rides, I love it a lot.

They all come in size 18 for the rider if not mensioned a size, and tree size for the horse is mainly 31 and 32 for the Icelandic Horses, but also available in XL witch is 34.
New: Biomex seat available on different models, witch is a gelpad in the saddle for smoother riding, you can read about it on their website.

Below are: The newer models of Icelandic Saddles by Stübben 
I do not have all of them for trying out here, but you can go look at the pictures and descriptions by: or (Stübben in Switzerland and click on your language)

Adventure: is the newer model simular to the "All Round" 
The saddle has a half deep seat and a padded and contured jockey skirt (to be free and clear of accessories), and a substantial block covered and well cushioned front. This two-tone saddle (black/ebony) has it all. The Biomex Seat and wool flocking are standard equipement, also two D-rings in the rear and a crupper loop, long billets and hidden stirrup leather location.

   $ 3'650.-  that includes Biomex Seat

: Is the newer model similar to the "Elegant" 
The saddle has a flat seat, high knee rolles and is completely doubled leather witch provides a maximum grip and guarantees long live, wool flocking, perfect for competition and pleasure, but has no D-rings for hanging waterbottles, goodies and saddle bags. This can be special ordered though. Comes in Black and Ebony, seat sizes S and M. This saddle can be ordered optional in Biomex Seat.

   $ 3'325.- and w/Biomex $ 3'800.-  

PORTOS I  (deeper seat on picture) and PORTOS II (flatter seat)  
are the newest versions and is made a bit less expensive, because they are not having woolen flocking (can be ordered though for $ 200.- in addition). They come standard in a horsefriendly soft pannel with foam cushioning and offer more freedom to the shoulder. A wider channel that protects the spinal and provides the spine with a lot of freedom of movement when bending. They both have high kneerolls and D-rings, witch are very good for trailriding. Available in Black and Ebony (dark brown), several gullet widths: narrow, medium, wide and extra wide. 
Seat sizes: S and M.

   $ 2'695.-  

ask for Prices on Bridles, Bits, Girt, Stirrup Leather and Stirrups witch are only available with Saddle.