Training and Boarding

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For training you may look at my 3 videos on youtube  

Icelandic Horses at Hestar Ranch:
Training part 1
Training part 2 :

Boarding horses at Hestar Ranch

I think that the most important thing for the horses is their board! 
This is where they spent most time of their intire life...
In order to be happy and healthy they need good friends in their herd 
and a horsey life in nature!

Lady Blue in her warm winter coat

Skrugga & young horses on winter pasture

Eldfra is leading...playfull

Eldfra & her dad Eylimi

Hreindyr & half-sister Elja eating willows...

Elja born March 17. 2010

Elja dancing

Elja full of energie

Eldfra born April 12. 2010

Elding and Eldfra

Eldfra 1. day in her new live

starting with sidepull

youngsters Haukur & Hunar Hela and her boy Hreindyr

I got to tell you something...

Eclipse the Boss of the herd

 Haukur loves to play with Fifill

We play back-pack...

...but not with you too!

Sister & Brother-Love

we like them pretty girls!



Hördur & Eylimi

white mare Blue and her children

Training for Fagri starts

   Blue...what a beauty! 

tall boy Fifill and Fagri
Anja with Hara after first ride with a double broken bit

 Elding & Skrugga

fat Boys on slim pickin's

Stallions can like each other

   Keith has a goody 

 my valued Breeding Mares
  Blue, Elding and Fra 

Eclipse, he is always fun

Skrugga learns fast

Who would like some Christmas goodies?

Herkules on horseback

Hördur and Gjafar challenging each other

Hind means Iceland...

Baby-Boy-Eylimi & Hördur

Skrugga & Hara

 Chamu, I'm watching not sleeping!



weaning Babies...Elding & Skrugga


Fagri  babysitting


Skrugga & Fagri like to follow me
Riding Lessons on Hela & Hekla

Aug. 2007:  Blue with Hara

Fra with Hind

Elding with Hekla

Markus & Fagri


 new Paddock for Boys in Aug. 07

Guests riding with Eclipse & Gjafar

  Anja & Hela loving each other

half-brothers Huni & Haukur

3 year old Stallion Eylimi watching the girls...

the girls Hind Hekla & Hara are 2 years old now

Skrugga in new Paddock

Hördur & Eylimi, boys-talk! 

Hekla & Hara, girls-talk...

Hunar with Elding...1. day

...Hreindyr with Hela

me...every day work

me...being serious